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Dead or Alive Xtreme 2: Kokoro ArtFX Statue

Now this girl from Dead or Alive (DOA) video game is so hot and super sexy... I love the pose and the way she looks kneeling, and holding on to her umbrella. Wow! simply amazing!!

    DOA fans, be glad! Available for the 1st time! Fun in the sun in a delectable Kokoro statue! Removable clothing!
Half-Japanese and half-European, the gorgeous Kokoro spent her entire young life in the Land of the Rising Sun, training to be a geisha, before moving on to combat and competition on Zack Island. Now-- for the 1st time ever, and to the delight of many patient DOA fans-- Kokoro is available as an appealing, 3-D sculpture! Kneeling seductively on the beach with the tide just reaching her knees, she comes with 2 outfits. The glamorous 'Citron' shirt and miniskirt can be removed to reveal a strapless bikini (called 'Apple') underneath. As an added bonus, Kokoro also includes an actual wood-and-paper Japanese umbrella! This 1:6 scale, 7-inch tall figure is sculpted by Yuzo. Make her yours! The Xbox 360 sequel DOA Xtreme takes players beyond combat, beyond volleyball, and into additional beach activities like personal watercraft races, gambling, and more. All the while, still looking as hot as can be in a variety of stunning beach attire!

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