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Touka Kureha, PVC Figure Doll, Shining Wind

Shining Wind: Kureha PVC Statue

Japanese import! Based on fan voting, the most popular character of the PS2 "Shining? series (over 18 different games!) is KUREHA from the X WIND anime series. A master archer and Miko (shrine maiden), Kureha also is a main component of a love triangle between her, Kiriya, and Souma. Captured in a dynamic pose that highlights her beauty along with her intricate costume design, highlighted by long billowing sleeves ? a truly unique interpretation of a traditional kimono ? this pvc statue stands 8 1/3? tall. Designed by bishoujo master artist Tony Taka, the pose brought to life by sculptor Hiro features Kureha grasping her kyodo yumi (Japanese archery longbow).

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