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Misty May Figure From Otaku No Video Quite A While Back

Do you remember this cute little bunny girl? I did watch the anime video a while back. The more reason to get a collectible before there is no more dollies like this one.

Misty May is the magical anime girl character created by the hero of Studio Gainax's classic 1991 anime, Otaku No Video, a comedy anime not only spoofing the life and culture of Japanese "otaku" (basically, the Japanese equivalent of a "fanboy") but the history of Studio Gainax and its creators as well! Now Misty May returns as the 20th release in Kaiyodo's "Mon-Sieur Bomé" Collection, created by famed Japanese figure sculptor, Bomé! Posing with the lion cubs Posi-King and Nega-King, Misty May measures approximately 7" long and includes a display base. Blister card packaging.

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