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Air PVC Figure

Imported from Japan. Made by Kotobukiya. Air is somewhat of a T.V celebrity as she is both designed for and in a Japanese National TV program Plamo Tsukurou (Let's make Plastic models). Due to her immense popularity, she is now not only available for your eyes through a TV screen, but also for your possession. Designed by the illustrator Ni0, Air has a pair of seductive cat like eyes that shines golden. Tsukuru Shirahige, the sculptor has said that Air is a product that combines beauty, mecha and super deformed mascot in the same package. The beauty part is obvious while the mecha and deformed mascot is melded together into one giant airbrush. The tank of the airbrush is designed as a tiny robot, so this package is does not only answer the dreams of collectors who adores beauty, but those who worships high quality mecha and cutely deformed mascots as well.

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