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Shirakawa Kotori, PVC Figure Doll, Da Capo

Kotori Shirakawa is the student of Kazami affiliated junior high class 3-3 and the school's idol. Through the power of the magical sakura tree, she can hear other people's thoughts, but she carefully hides this ability.

The Kotori statue is a 1/8 scale PVC figure. The Kotori Shirakawa statue measures approximately 9 inches tall.

Kotori is intelligent, beautiful, sweet and very popular at Kazami. However, to win Jun'ichi's heart, she will have to stand out from her competition including Jun'ichi's childhood friend, Amakase Miharu.

Kotori is in the standard Kazami Academy girls uniform ready for a day of school.

There is a cool breeze in the air, her signature bright red hair is flowing in the wind while she is holding onto her hat (an accessory that she always has on) from blowing away.

Da Capo Second Season: Kotori Shirakawa 1/8 Scale Figure

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