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Kurashiki Tsubame PVC Figure, Tsubame Syndrome

Product Description LIMITED EDITION ~ 300pcs "Kurashiki Tsubame" is originated from the manga series "Tubame Syndrome." The story revolves around Taiga who doesn't have memories from more than two years ago after his parents died in an accident. He lives with his sister, Tsubame, who he finds out is from outer space with the job of protecting him as he posses the Origin Heart. Story is a little overused, especially the part where he's the one who can "activate" Tsubame (a bit like Suzu and Itsuki from Supasu-pa), but it's a good read. "Tsubame" is being introduce in a repainted version and the figure is based on the second volume of "Tubame Syndrome" named "Swallow Grommet Mud" created by the Japanese artist/author "Madder tiger Tetsu (Kotetsu Akane)." The figure is 6 ½ tall and comes equipped with a custom base for display.

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