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Lottie Gelh PVC Figure, Strain: Strategic Armored Infantry

The character "Lottie Gelh" is based on the mecha anime series "Soko No Strain" created by Studio Fantasia. It premiered across Japan on WOWOW from November 1, 2006. A manga adaptation is being serialized in the Dragon Age magazine. The concept of the series is loosely based upon Frances Hodgson Burnett's novels, most notably A Little Princess, but also Little Lord Fauntleroy and The Secret Garden. In the distant future, the galactic Union is in a war with the mysterious Deague. The Union's strongest force is made up of mecha called Strains, operated by users called Reasoners. "Lottie Gelh" is a Reasoner who uses her status 'above' the common Gambee pilots to interfere when justice is needed. She has a sharp mind and a wide network of friends, the closest of which are called the Space Squadron, of whom she is Queen; she is most often seen with Jessie. "Lottie" is a 8" tall PVC figure fully painted and comes in a window box.

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