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Lucy Maria Misora PVC Figure, To Heart 2

What would you do if you found a girl lying on the ground as if she fell from the sky? What would you do when she regains consciousness, she started to speak a weird language that sounded alien-like and robotic? What would you do if you found out that she is a castaway from another planet and had no way of going back? Become friends with them of course! That is the case of Kono Takaki and Ruuko Kirei na Sora (AKA Lucy Maria Misora). Takaki and Lucys life will never be the same! Toy designer/manufacturer, Good Smile Company has beautiful created their rendition of Lucy. Lucy is featured donning her red and white colored school uniform which perfectly blends with her pink hair and rosy skin tone. Her hair is blowing to the left as if a cool breeze is passing her. A colorful themed base accompanies this very cute figure.

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