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Sasara Kusugawa, Maid Costume, PVC Figure, To Heart 2

A KOTOBUKIYA Japanese import! Many a day has been spent in Akihabara debating which is sexier: a maid costume, or a school issue swimsuit (known in slang as sukumizu - a portmanteau of 'school' and 'mizu', which means water). And let's face it; it is impossible to DON'T! Let's dare to combine the top of a maid outfit with the bottom of a sukumizu to create the ultimate kawaii collectible!!! From Koto's long line of TO HEART Bishoujo figures comes the delightful SASARA KUSUGAWA decked out in the unstoppably cute Sukumizu Maid attire. Standing 7 «' tall (1/7th scale), Sasara-chan's base is able to hold backdrop cards from the package, and her waitress tray is removable allowing for a variety of display options.

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