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Sonsaku Hakufu Cerberus, PVC Figure, Ikki Tousen

Ikki Tousen Sonsaku Hakufu Cerberus PVC Figure 1/7 Scale

"High school is a battle - and the student bodies of the 7 schools in Tokyo know it. Rival schools wage war against each other, influenced by powerful jewels that contain the spirits of legendary warriors. The warring students known as Toushi battle each other to become Ikki Tosen - one with the spirit of a thousand warriors. Based on the manga by Yuji Shiozaki, Ikki Tosen blends action and Chinese legend. The anime (Series 1) is released in the US by Geneon Entertainment. TOKYOPOP publishes the manga in English as Battle Vixens. This amazing PVC statue features Hakufu Sonsaku, the main character, in a highly detailed BLACK Chinese dress outfit. She poses, confidently holding her weapon of choice. "

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