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Yug Kuma-San Bear PVC Figure, Creators' Labo #010

Creators' Labo #010: Yug Kuma-San Bear PVC Figure

This is so cute! I love this figure, she is cute hugging her big bear like that XD

DOTCH? A head-to-head battle is brewing at Yamato's Creators' Labo. Two of Japan's leading sculptors are pitting their talents against one another in an all-out battle to see whose work comes out on top. And you get to decide! Which one will you choose? Will it be Makoto Kobayashi (Long Long)'s soft Kuma-san (Bear)? Or yr? (Takkyu-Mokei)'s breezy Kureyon (Crayon)? Or will you choose both? Each of these Wonder Show Case selectees has based their sculptures upon the illustrations of YUG whose work has appeared in Renji Murata's ROBOT and the anime Peto-Peto-san.

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