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Himawari Hinata PVC Figure, Himawari (Anime)

Himawari! is the story of Himawari and her journey to become a Kunoichi, and her 'vow' to protect her master. Hinata Himawari is the main protagonist of the story. She was rescued by a ninja with an odd mark on his neck. Ever since then, she had sworn to become a ninja. Although her true origin is quite hidden in the beginning, she is just might been recognized as a girl who was sent by her grandmother to a ninja training school. Her first contact with Marikoji Hayato, the other main character, is episode one when her ninja training ends up making her hanging from the gate pole. She calls out, "Hayato-dono" which means 'Master Hayato'. Her one and only dream is to be a great "Kunoichi", a female ninja. Despite her daring ambition, her classmates considered her as a weed for her skill is terrible.

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