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Teletha Tessa Testarossa, Figure, Full Metal Panic

Teresa Testerossa is a beautiful, small-framed girl with bold silver eyes and long flowing grey hair. At the young age of 16, Tessa is an intelligent and elegant woman and is like any other girl her age, but one thing.... Tessa is the captain of Mithrils strongest assault submarine, the Tuatha de Danaan! With the gift of a Whispered, Tessa commands Sagara and the Mithril forces to seek and defeat any evil that may threaten our way of life! Trading in her Mithril captains uniform for a skimpy race queen outfit, Tessa is showing her Mithril pride by donning a white and blue skirt and top that is everything, but modest. Beautifully designed by figure manufacturer, Atelier-Sai, this 1/6 scale PVC figure is featured with a removable skirt, revealing her silver panties that matches the theme of her outfit. Tessa definitely has more curves than any winding road.

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