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Yomako Teacher Version PVC Figure, Gurren Lagann

After the war with the Beastmen, Yoko decided not to take part in the administration of Kamina City and left to parts unknown, but not before asking Simon to take care of Nia. During the seven-year timeskip, she worked as a teacher at an elementary school on a small island, adopting the name Yomako. However, after learning of the events occurring at Kamina City, she left the island and broke into the Rinkane Jail to rescue Simon. After leaving the prison with Simon and Viral, she rejoins the other members of Team Dai-Gurren to aid in the war against the Anti-Spirals, piloting the Dayakkaiser. In the epilogue, an aged Yoko is seen at the same school at which she previously taught, now working as the principal.

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