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Ayane Sexy Barefoot Girl, PVC Figure, DOA Extreme

The Xbox 360 continuation to DOA Xtreme directs the players easily on the far side of battle and volleyball game. In Dead or Alive Xtreme 2: Venus on the Beach you are able to savour more beach activities, such as personal vessel races, betting, and a lot more! All the while, the girls of DOA appear as sexy as they are able to be in an assortment of amazing beach clothing, making use of the series' revolutionary physics engine that allows great anatomical motion!

Previous DOA tournament victor and recurring character in the Ninja Gaiden series of games, Ayane sheds her ninja outfit for something a bit more suitable for beach life. Posed alluringly yet playfully, the popular character and archenemy of Kasumi accompanies 2 signature outfits. The mini skirt and halter top combo called 'Alphard' is removable and displays a skimpy string bikini called 'Scorpion' underneath. You will have a hard time choosing which of these display alternatives look the most adorable on your ledge! Sculpted by Yuzo, Ayane stands about ten inches tall (in 1/6 scale with the other Venus on the Beach Ani*Statues). Posed as she stretches her right leg at the ocean, the knockout babe goes with an unequaled diorama base. Ayane leans against a rocky outcropping while translucent splashing water covers her left cute foot, making a remarkable immersive beach scene!

Imported from Nippon!

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