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Velvet, PVC Figure, Odin Sphere: SIF EX

With its compelling characters and story line, it was only a matter of time before Yamato became the next chapter of its history! Image! Figure! EX PVC statue collection to bring Odin Sphere ethereal beauty of life to three dimensions. Presented here, the second in a series, is velvet - princess of a fallen kingdom, feared as a witch in the forest, pursued by a curse and death. Psypher chain exercise, Velvet means noble, strong and somewhat fragile as she struggles to defy his fate.  

Beautifully brought to life through the transcendent talent BUBBA (Dice Caramel), this figure pre-painted Velvet is situated in a stunning 9.85รข? psyphers made with transparent parts to express its splendor translucent and metal chains and the base of the marble-like screen for added sophistication.

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