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Celestia, Ani Statue, Shining Tears X Wind

Shining Wind: Clalaclan Maid Ani StatueAppearing for the very first time in a seated position, Celestia 'The Eternal Forest's Chanting' is really a noble reclining beauty. Leaning on her left arm with her legs hidden under her, the elf maiden retains an wide open book on her lap. Celestia's skimpy garments leaves little to the imagination, and showcases her well-proportioned physique. Her short skirt was especially designed with see-through plastic covered in thin tiers of paint to make a almost clear effect, further contributing to her ethereal glance. Celestia's book is detachable, and the girl rests on an included green flocked base. She additionally comes with Lassi the popular 'Spirit King' in an innovative sculpt. Sculpted by Shou Kojima, Celestia is 4 1/3 inches tall (in 1/8th scale with the other Shining Wind Ani Statues) and will be introduced in a beautiful window box.

Brought in from Japan!

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