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Batgirl, Black Costume Version, Bishoujo Statue, DC Comics

Bishoujo very first DC Comics statue is back in popular demand, the new version of Batgril is a new black custom. Bishoujo designed Batgirl by using traditional Japanese style. Batgirl is well-known in her very first public appearance in 1967. Police commissioner of Gotham city daughter Barbar Gordon was Batgirls alter ego.

Every part of her costume was redesigned, from gray and blue Batgirls costume is recreated into as inky black and bright gold highlights from head to toe. There's even a difference in Batgirls textures, making her more beautiful and unique then her original creation.

These beautifully recreation of batgirl was sculpted by the amazing Atelier Bamboo. He brought Batgirl back to life, with a construction of high-quality plastic and stands 9 inches tall. At the bottom of the base is an outstanding creation of Gotham City famous gargoyle. Barbara’s alter ego now has an amazing new look, and will be a great companion to the original version of Batgirl 

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