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Ilfa Kunoichi Ver, Ani Statue, Manaka De Ikuno

Manaka De Ikuno Ilfa Kunoichi Ver is one of the most famous super heroines of the whole world. It is famous for its sublime beauty and matchless warrior ability. The costume of the Ilfa in this particular statue is quite magnificent. She is beautifully dressed in a long purple and pink dress. Ilfa stands as much as 8 inch tall in this statue, which is shipped from Japan.

The ever green blue hair of Ilfa is looking much more compelling in this statue and she is poised to pick her enemy with her famous arrow in her hands. The arrow in a stretched state is dazzling in her hand. Anyone will fear to go in front of him, as the arrow is on.

If you are searching for a statue, which could provide a million dollar look to your statue collection rack, then this statue of Ilfa is very much capable to do that. She really deserves a space in your collection rack and you should give her a chance to allure your guests with her mesmerizing beauty.

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