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Lucy, Bishoujo Statue, Ghostbusters

New York's premiere paranormal investigators, the Ghostbusters, are back with a vengeance, and now they have a new member. Lucy. This rookie Ghostbuster is sure to stop any spook, ghost or specter that wants to attack her. Decked out in Egon Spengler's possessor Proton Pack and Ecto Goggles, she is definitely a goo-exterminating power to be respected.

Towering proudly over a ghost snare upon making her latest kill, Lucy has a smug smirk upon another assignment completed. She settles the rod of her proton pack upon her left shoulder while her other hand rests casually upon her hip. Her uniform is a bit worse for the wear as her pants are ripped and ratty from this fresh ghostly confrontation. The Proton Pack has happily stayed unharmed and displays such amazing detail as the power cell, crank generator and Cyclotron.

Ghostbuster Lucy is the most recent candidate in the Japanese Bishoujo (beautiful girl) collection using an original character profile by the illustrious illustrator Yamashita Shunya. She was sculpted by Takahashi Masahiro and stands about 9 1/2 inches tall (at 1/7 scale) atop a uniquely designed stand specially accentuated by a manhole cover emblazoned with the Ghostbuster logo. If there is paranormal activity involved, this is the chick you're gonna want to call.

Imported directly from Japan!

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