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Menas, PVC Statue, Queen's Blade EX

Ancient princess Menas, a a very powerful sorceress who hails from an ancient desert land, possesses the ability to resurrect the dead and can control her servants to do her bidding with the evil spirits that she summons from beyond.

Menas competes in a tournament called the Queen's Blade, which is held every four years to determine the most beautiful and powerful Queen on the continent.

The subject of a popular series of fighting role-playing game booklets, the Queen's Blade contestants have been sculpted by the artists of Bandai, who bring these sly female warriors to life with startling clarity. With her headdress and scepter, Menas's symbols of power, she stands atop a display base, ready and able to kick any foe into compliance. Sculpted at 1/8-scale, the statue is made of PVC plastics, is ready for display and is imported from Japan.

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