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Ms. Marvel Binary Bishoujo Statue, Marvel Comics

The very popular Marvel Bishoujo collection is still bringing you those most amazing beautiful wardrobe of the magnificent Marvel Comics universe. Never before has anyone seen the uniqueness of any Marvel Comics. One of the popular existing hero's today is back her name is Ms. Marvel Binary Version. The power of Binary is incredible, with the combination of grace, power and beauty, Ms. Marvel is new looks is more fantastic than ever before. What the super heroine stands for is massive amounts of strength and power, as she lifts her leg in the air; one leg supports her as she flies lands on a rocky landscape. This is pose is what provides her amazing beauty and irresistible physique.

Ms. Marvel Binary Version was sculpted by Kouei Mastumoto. Matsumotos, creation stands a little over 10 inches tall, on top of her display. Binary only has the limited amount of supplies; in stock they have only 2,000 available pieces. Make sure you don't miss the chance to add this amazing new version of the classic heroin to your Ms. Marvel collection.

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