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Mystique, Bishoujo Statue, Marvel Comics

Marvel Mystique Bishoujo Statue is another great statue from the famous Marvel Bishoujo sequel. If you are already a Marvel Bishoujo fan, then you would certainly love this favorite super heroine statue. If you never come across this super heroine with a hint of villain then just see it one and you will fall in love with that for sure.

The enigmatic blue mutant Mystique first seen in as late as in 1978 on the Ms. Marvel and since then, it is one of the most loved super heroine of the world. Mystique has some amazing features, she can change her shape and at the same time she can mimic anyone. She is extremely powerful and dangerous also. She never listens to anyone and does what she wants to do. Her adamant attitude makes her even more alluring.

In this newly released statue, the creator represented the super heroine in a dangerously attractive position. The blue skinned beauty is one her knees. She is caressing her satin smooth hair with one hand and holding her famous gun with the other. Just like, one finds herself in a romantic mood during a deadly mission.

Go ahead, give your hobby rack, a deadly touch with Mystique within it.

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