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Essence of Cosplay - How Much Have You Already Known?

At present, some people hold the opinion that the popular performance art - cosplay, has become to be quite different from what it’s like before. One of the most frequently heard viewpoints is that cosplay has become to be rather commercial. Judges and most audiences even tend to pay more attention on how cosplayers look like now. However, there are still lots of cosplay devotees who consider cosplay to be a nice name. Even though some commercial elements have been added onto the cosplay arena, they are reflected on some peripheral commodities, rather than cosplayers. So, referring to the essence of cosplay, how much have you already known?

Is cosplay really commercial?

First of all, let’s admit that all cosplayers desire to be noticed, applauded and praised. So, while going to a party, they will think about showing themselves off. In this case, the most excellent imitators will win bonus. So, people who bellow that cosplay hasn’t been unsophisticated, should be more just!

What mentality should cosplayers hold?

Any cosplayer who joins in a contest has not been the prince or princess who is coaxed by all people at home. They put on fantastic costumes, just aiming to make more friends. It’s unnecessary to pay more attention on how they look like. On the contrary, temperament and connotation of cosplayers are more crucial. What’s the most important is that they must be professional because they will meet people working in different industries.

Aside from this, cosplayers need to be tolerant. They need to think from different aspects and learn to considerate. In most cases, strong self-awareness is detected on many professional cosplayers.

There is no cosplayer who can earn money only by cosplay. Even though one can achieve this, he/she will need much time. When a cosplayer makes a living totally by cosplay, he/she has become an actor/actress or model. It’s a must for him/her to be professional. Otherwise, he/she will only fall into a valley bottom in this industry.

Tips helping you stand out in the cosplay industry

With these tips, you can win a tiny space on the cosplay arena even though you don’t have a wonderful appearance.

Tip 1: don’t get angry easily because you will get nothing except becoming ugly. Nobody will love to stay together with an ill-favored person. This especially makes sense on cosplayers.

Tip 2: keep smiling and speak in a mild tone. Learn to be polite and don’t taunt anybody anytime. Once you taunt a person, the listener will consider how you will talk about him/her in front of other people. In this case, relation among people will only become farther.

Tip 3: boast others. Learn to detect advantages on other people. Make comparisons between others’ advantages and yourself. Only in this way will you promote yourself.

Tip 4: keep the attitude of self-awareness, respect and connotation. You are required to do this because people who seem a little shy will make others feel safe. Once you have less damage power, you will be much closer to others.

Tip 5: be strict with yourself. This makes sense on your costume, makeup and also performance. It’s of great importance to choose a role that fits you. Make a right estimation on yourself before going onto the stage. When there is any conflict, don’t speak obtrusively. You should know an attractive sentence will make people detest you quickly.

Tip 6: money isn’t the first aspect you should consider either submitting a piece of writing or joining in a competition. You just aim to have a great time and show off yourself. At the same time, you can learn some experience to be more professional.

To sum up, the purity in the cosplay industry is maintained by cosplayers themselves. To win a name, cosplay isn’t the ideal place.

Author bio: Katherine writes for a site, where you can buy cosplay related products. Visit her Facebook to know more tutorials about cosplay.

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