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Ein, PVC Figure, One Piece

A very elegant, and sexy figure of Ein.  What I like about this statue is that I have always been attracted to the thought of beautiful, and sexy girls who are also dangerous, and know how to fight, and take of themselves.

Surely someone who don't know much about her, will not notice the knife she carries on her leg.  Which by the way those are long lovely legs.  I think she could use them to manipulate men like me. lol

Figuarts made a marvelous job with Ein.  She is available for limited time only!  Hurry, and get your own for your collection before she disappears from the world.

Chick HERE to go to the sales page, and to find out more important details about this amazing figure.  PlayAsia has some of the most sexiest figures available in Japan and Everywhere in the world.

Come back to see more new releases, which add to the collection of great, awesome female figures in the entire world.

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