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Arche Klaine, PVC Figure, Tales Of Phantasia

A Kotobukiya Japanese Import! The legendary RPG "Tales" series characters finally are available outside of Japan! Tales of Phantasia (and subsequent related series) have been enjoying huge popularity in Japan for over a decade, and almost rival Dragon Quest or Final Fantasy fandom in their home country. Arche Klaine is able to cast offensive-based mystical spells, and is often seen flying on the proverbial magic broomstick! The magical Arche is sculpted by Hiroshi Inagaki. Mint Adnade is a healer, and uses her magic rod to cast various healing and support spells. The graceful Mint is sculpted by Naoki "Pilot" Nishimura and is able to be displayed with or without her magical wand. Each statue stands approximately 8" tall (1/8th scale), include display bases, and ship in their original Japanese language window box.

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