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Neytiri, Action Figure, James Cameron's Avatar

Na’vi Figures: In the land of Pandora, everything organic glows in the dark inducing the wild and fierce Na’vi creatures. Includes the most prominent Na’vi creatures from James Cameron’s new film Avatar. Accented with glow-in-the-dark bioluminescence. Each 4.25-inch figure comes with a unique weapon or accessory and exclusive character specific i-Tag to bring the battle scenes to 3-D life.

This graceful, fierce and intelligent member of the Omaticaya clan is rightfully wary of humans. Yet Neytiri has become an unlikely ambassador to the earthly colonists on Pandora.
Clan Position: Daughter of Omaticaya clan leaders Eytukan and Moâat. Clan leader in-waiting.
Skills: Mastery of most Na'vi weapons, including various bows, spears, bolas and knives. Banshee and direhorse rider. Hunter. Proficiency in English.

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