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The Kanu Unchou, PVC Figure, Ikki Tousen 1/6 Scale Figure.

Ikki Tousen is a 13 episode anime series loosely based on the manga by Yuji Shiozaki, which is in turn based on the classic Chinese novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms. The series is known for being full of fan service, featuring a very large cast of attractive young girls, who fight in short skirts and dresses which get constantly ripped off, in addition to numerous other situations. Kanu Unchou believes to be the most feared and powerful Toushi around, she even carries the nearly invincible Blue Dragon Crescent Blade from her predecessor as well as the legendary sword Kusanagi; she also has overwhelming chi. She believes her destiny is to die protecting Ryuubi. It is believed by many characters that Ryomou will one day kill her. Daiki's new product, Kanu Unchou is a very unique item. Kanu's face is almost 100 % alike to human's face, hair style and clothes are detail design in perfect way.

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