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Tsukasa Bullet's Compact Hog, PVC Figure, Creators Labo 24

 This great creation is also from Labo. Yamato’s master creation #024 Tsukasa Bullet's Compact Hog is a second one in the series of PVC statues. This figure is looking sexier in the front and back sides. Kneeling appearance with height of 7.25” is a magically sculpted figure with excellent look from top to bottom. Helmet, Shoulder armor and leather outfit to her soft, supple flesh seems as if life possessing.This was designed considering an example of Tsukasa Jun. This piece reminds the artist of a hog and hence named it as Compact Hog. Its weight is 31 oz. This Tsukasa Bullet Compact Hog PVC Figure is simply superb and eye catching figure.

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