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Kuroneko Irony Jacket, PVC EX Figure, Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai

Sega invites Kirino and Kuroneko on stage, together, they are going to perform Irony, their theme song. They are going to do everything loyally according to the music video, they even found the dresses that ClariS wore. The garments are light and frilly. The figure designer put a transparent layer over the bluish grey under skirt. Although the dresses are crafted with the same theme, Kirino has a pink hat and gloves to show off her energetic personality and Kuroneko has a blue set to show off her quieter, gentler side.

The girls have also added personal touches to their accessories. Kirino hangs her favorite octopus mascot on her microphone when Kuroneko ties a blue ribbon on the handle. All bright smiles sweet melodies, the girls are here under the spotlights.

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