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Kosaka Kirino, Beach Queens PVC Figure

Yes, little sister Kirino is this cute. Although she scowls through episodes and throw tantrums, she is still one of the most appealing anime girls this season. Kirino works as a part time model to cover her doujinshi and naughty game fees, and whenever she's reminded of her hobbies and the new magazines that she could buy, she smiles widely, and compliments everything with a blush. The bold pink bikini adds color to her pale skin and hair, making her look more grown up.

If you prefer seeing her tsundere moment, the package comes with her scowling face part, swap them around to see both sides of this lovely little sister figure. Like all figures in the Beach Queen series, there is an H joint at her neck, so tilt her head from side to side to admire all her expressions.

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