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Anime Figures in a Nutshell

Asian influence is no longer limited to the K-pop and J-pop music, today, even what used to be children’s favorite cartoons, dolls, and figures, are now being replaced by Japanese anime or manga and there corresponding anime figures. Playing and collecting such cute figures have not only been a fad of the youngsters but now, even adult hobbyists and anime enthusiasts are equally eager to have a piece of these toys.

Majority of the anime figures available in the market and the most loved ones are the cute little female dolls or mangas. The female figures are much popular mainly because of their unique and expressive facial details especially of their eyes, most have well contoured and sexy bodies, and are flexible to be dressed and styled according to the owners wants (most of the dresses that come with them are unique and custom designed). They are also much more appealing compared to their action or male counterparts.

The reason behind each expressive face and perfect body shape

Among the most noticeable features in every anime or manga character is the relatively large eyes, head, big breasts, and long perfect legs. These features may reflect the Japanese desires for physical features that majority of its people don’t have. Most Japanese especially the ladies want to have larger eyes, bigger breasts, and longer breasts, these, according to them make a lady beautiful.

How these figures are made and why some are more expensive than other types of dolls?

To arrive at every beautiful piece, productions of quality anime figures undergo strict standards and are subjects of Japanese ingenuity. The main statues are made out of PVC or Polyvinyl Chloride or resin PVC, flexible materials now widely used in distinct industries for numerous types of products. Though each figure part is machine made or mass-casted, the assembly, painting job, and styling are all hand crafted by skilled Japanese artists. If you could have a chance to look into the details, you will see that anime figures are carefully hand crafted and painted down to the details. Majority of these Japanese crafters also consider figure creation as a form of art and sculpture. The above mentioned points are the reasons why quality manga figures are more expensive even when compared to any other types of dolls. Price usually ranges from tens of dollars to hundreds.

Searching for the best anime figures

Perhaps, other than merely playing and displaying, you are interested in anime figures to start out or to complete your cute doll or figures collection. The following are some of the short pointers in searching for your favorite ones:
1. Initially, consider on searching among the numerous local toy stores and distributors. In such manner, you can save considerable time, effort, and money that should have been spent when ordered abroad.
2. When local stores don’t have the model or figure that you desire, the safest place to search is the manufacturer’s or direct distributor’s website. In here, you can never go wrong and will also be presented with lots of options to choose from.
3. Finally, several auction sites and retail websites offer some of the best and quality anime figures that most seekers consider hard to find.

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